need 2 be grabbed by the waist!!!!!!!!!!!

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trans people are everywhere.
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Oops silly potato

I’m just beyond sad I want to sleep for the rest of my life

im literally so mad 

so u know that girl i posted about earlier

well that was apparently not the first time she was in my house today and she stole one of my fucking kittens and gave it to someone. we have been on a wild goose chase trying to find him and im so sad about it bc where the fuck is he what is he doing is he safe??? he hasnt been a day without me or his mom since the day he was born im so mad and worried and i dont know what to do and we went and knocked on her dads door at 2 in the morning and still no fucking help

i just want my kitten back


"your whole ass is out in those shorts"

you’re welcome

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