I would eat chipotle out of Leonardo Dicaprio’s ass


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Big words turn me on


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Anonymous: How many visits to the endocrinologist or gender clinic did it take for you to get your first shot after you had gotten your letter and all?

One. My doctor prescribed me the testosterone the first time I went in and we only went in the second time the next day because he wanted to show my mom how to get the shot

Anonymous: Are you going to make a 10 weeks on t video?

No but I’ll make a 3 month vid in a couple weeks

Anonymous: I love you omg


Anonymous: Did you like post a picture why is everyone telling you you are pretty

yeah i posted my 10 weeks on t pic last night but it wasnt anything special????

taylortransforms: you look so good!!!!!!!!! :) I'm so happy for you

Thank you!!!

Anonymous: babe. you're a babe.

Tank you kinda human

Anonymous: you're so perfect

No I’m not

Anonymous: please let me love you

Ok come hurrrrr